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In the far north lives the lovable reindeer child Fredegar, who is different from his peers. Fredegar is smaller and thinner than the other reindeer, and as a result, he is constantly laughed at and mocked by them. But he doesn't give up and shows us that in life, physical size and strength are not the only things that matter. With courage and determination, he follows his own path and overcomes many obstacles along the way. The story of Fredegar is a captivating call to rise above oneself and realize one's own dreams. This book will not only inspire children but also adults in its wonderful way of stimulating the imagination. Read the fantastic and enchanting story of Fredegar and let his bravery inspire you!


"A story that aims to show children that in life, it's not only about physical size and strength, but also about being brave and growing beyond oneself." Markus Eggert (


"The story of Fredegar is a fantastic and enchanting invitation to courage!" (AZ)


"A book that not only brings immense joy to read and look at, but also wonderfully stimulates the imagination." (Brücken für Kinder e.V.)


ca. 28 pages, 3 - 10 age, Epub File

"Fredegar, a reindeer fairytale" is also available as book (Hardcover).

Fredegar, a reindeer fairytale

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