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Up in the far North lives the little reindeer Fredegar. Fredegar is different from the other reindeer children, as he is much smaller and thinner than they are. That's why he is constantly laughed at and mocked by them. One day, he can't take it anymore and sadly runs away. But out in the wilderness, dangers lurk...

"A story meant to show children that in life, it's not just about physical size and strength, but also about being courageous and growing beyond oneself." Markus Eggert (

"The story of Fredegar is a fantastic and enchanting invitation to courage!" (AZ)

"A book that not only brings immense joy to read and look at, but also wonderfully stimulates the imagination." (Brücken für Kinder e.V.)


Audiobook, English, MP3, Length: 15:10 Min.

Fredegar, a reindeer fairytale

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