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Kiki, the sweet little mouse lady, lives a wonderful life with the Gulbransson family in Sweden. She is enamored by the loving family, especially their son Arne, who shares her love for chocolate. However, not everything is perfect, as the cat Percy always lurks nearby. One day, Arne gets into trouble, and Kiki is determined to help him. But how can she manage that when the older boys are so much bigger and stronger than her?

Yet, Kiki doesn't let herself be discouraged and comes up with a brilliant idea that she puts into action. In this enchanting book, children learn that size and strength aren't the only things that matter to achieve something. Kiki's story beautifully illustrates that even small and seemingly weak creatures can accomplish great things.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kiki, the clever mouse lady, and accompany her on her exciting mission to help Arne out of a jam. A book that not only warms children's hearts but also imparts valuable life lessons.


"A book that shows children it's not about being big and strong to be able to achieve something."



Audiobook, English, MP3, Length: 25:50 Min.

Kiki the Mouse Lady

SKU: Audio142022
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