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Kiki, the sweet little mouse lady, lives in Sweden with the Gulbransson family and leads a wonderful life. She is thrilled by the loving family, especially their son Arne, who, just like her, loves chocolate. But not everything is perfect because the cat Percy is always lurking nearby. One day, Arne gets into trouble, and Kiki desperately wants to help him. But how can she do that when the older boys are so much bigger and stronger than her?

However, Kiki doesn't give up and comes up with a brilliant idea that she puts into action. In this enchanting book, children learn that size and strength are not the only factors that matter when trying to achieve something. Kiki's story beautifully illustrates that even small and seemingly weak beings can accomplish great things.

Dive into the magical world of Kiki, the clever mouse lady, and accompany her on her exciting mission to help Arne out of a jam. This book not only warms the hearts of children but also imparts valuable life lessons.


"A book that shows children that it's not about being big and strong to achieve something."



Hardcover, English, approximately 51 pages, landscape format, many colorful illustrations

ISBN 978-3-947853-94-6

Kiki, the mouse lady

SKU: B0046
12,95 €Price
The book will be available from mid-October 2023. Pre-orders are possible.
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