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Welcome to a breathtaking world full of adventure and excitement! The new fantasy novel by author Ole Jacobsen, now available as an audiobook for download, will grip and captivate you. A story that starts with a normal family outing but quickly transforms into an unforgettable adventure.

Immerse yourself in the tale of Lasse, who tumbles into a different world in the forest and is now confronted with the most terrible tyrant. Yet there's a chance to return – if Lasse manages to defeat the enemy. Along the way, he encounters unusual companions who aid and support him on his journey.

Together, they face the foe in a battle for friendship and freedom. Witness how Lasse and his friends fight against all odds, discovering their strengths and weaknesses.

This fantasy novel will transport you into a world filled with adventure, magic, and friendship. A must-read for all who adore thrilling stories!


Audiobook, English, MP3, Length: 1:26:18 

Part 3 of Lasse Skörungur will be released on August 20, 2023.

Lasse Skörungur Part 1 - The Otherworld

SKU: Audio232022
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