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Embark on a captivating journey into a world full of wild adventures and enchanting kingdoms – that's exactly what Miro has always dreamed of. But suddenly, his dream becomes a reality when he and his friend Brugu stumble upon a mysterious discovery in the old mill: an ancient clay tablet with mysterious inscriptions. Seeking help, they turn to the shady antique dealer Cirindor Cox. However, Cox knows the true meaning of the tablet and is determined to obtain its incredible power at any cost. Escape becomes the only way out for the two friends, and they suddenly find themselves in a strange world, inhabited by bizarre creatures and full of terrible dangers. But while Cox unleashes a destructive wave in his madness, Miro and Brugu soon realize that the fate of the entire world will be decided at the Black Mountain. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking fantasy novel "MIRO - THE BLACK MOUNTAIN" by Olaf Krätke, available in both book and ebook formats. This gripping and highly relevant adventure story follows in the finest tradition of great fantasy novels and is often mentioned in the same breath as "The Chronicles of Narnia". The press raves: "A modern fantasy novel with an important message!" Secure your copy of "MIRO - THE BLACK MOUNTAIN" as a book or ebook in our online store now and dive into a world full of magic and excitement.


"MIRO - THE BLACK MOUNTAIN" is also available as an ebook. Softcover, approximately 492 pages, with numerous full-color illustrations by Olaf Krätke.

ISBN 978-3-947853-61-8

Miro - The Black Mountain

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