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Dive into the captivating world of Native Americans with the enthralling Native American tale by Ole Jacobsen! His narration of the Lakota girl, Little Bird, is a beautiful adventure brimming with love, self-assurance, and boundless courage. With deep knowledge of the culture and history of Native Americans, Jacobsen has crafted a story that resembles a fairy tale and holds the potential to become a legend.

This short story is a highlight for all ages, enchanting with an engaging narrative that sparks both dreams and contemplation. The impressive cover illustration by Olaf Krätke perfectly complements the overall experience. Allow yourself to be transported by Little Bird and her journey into another world, and experience a story that's guaranteed to captivate you entirely!


Ebook, English, 37 pages, with many coloured illustrations, PDF File

"Najuma, the Spirit Wolf" is also available as a book and as an audiobook for download exclusively in our online shop.

Najuma, the ghost wolf

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