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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ole Jacobsen and let yourself be enchanted by his empathetic storytelling! In his book, he takes you on a journey full of foreignness yet familiar emotions that will touch your soul. You will be thrilled by the anticipation that accompanies you during the journey, and at the same time, surprised by the remarkable uniqueness and incredibility of this world. Accompany the young woman on this exploratory journey and savor every moment, as it is a journey full of enjoyment and delight! The beautiful illustrations by Andrea Baitz turn reading into a true visual experience. Treat yourself to this extraordinary trip and let yourself be captivated by Jacobsen's narrative artistry!


Audiobook, English, MP3, Lenght 1:24:34 

The blue bird of Quigunaya

SKU: Audio352022
9,95 €Price
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