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In the churning ocean of the metropolis, somewhere in a distant land, our protagonist yearns for oblivion and a fresh start. He lets himself be carried by the tides of the pulsating city life, feeling like a castaway, lost and lonely amidst a crowd of like-minded individuals. Yet, author Ole Jacobsen takes us on a journey that brings our own desires and dreams to the forefront. Just like his captivating drifter, who desperately seeks liberation, we too are in search of a way out of our own labyrinth. Jacobsen manages to candidly and captivatingly involve us in his hero's quest, as he fiercely strives to find his path and discover himself. This book is a masterpiece that gets under your skin and will linger with us long after reading. Immerse yourself in the author's world and let yourself be swept away by this extraordinary story!


Audiobook, English, MP3, Length  27:40

The Drifter

SKU: Audio382022
8,95 €Price
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