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Crumb lives in a cozy cottage on the outskirts of the city and is surrounded by many friends with whom she spends carefree days full of play and fun. But then her world is suddenly overshadowed by a dark threat and Crumb becomes afraid and uncertain. But luckily, she learns an important lesson: that it's okay to say "No" and protect herself.

This captivating children's book is a true treasure for any kindergarten and elementary school. Written by the renowned violence prevention project "The Hedgehog File", which has been successfully supporting children for over 25 years, this book is a must-have for any book collection. With its inspiring message and loving illustrations, it conveys important values such as courage and self-confidence. It is a book that empowers every child to assert themselves and stay strong in difficult situations.

See for yourself and get your copy of "Crumb learns to say No" now - a book that is not only entertaining and exciting, but also conveys an important message that will accompany children throughout their lives. Markus Eggert of the literaturlounge is enthusiastic and highly recommends the book - don't miss the chance to have this valuable book on your bookshelf!


ca, 52 pages, 3 - 10 age, Epub file

"The Hedgehog File" is also available as book (Hardcover).

The Hedgehog File

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